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Welcome to Riga

The capital of Latvia, Riga, is not only Latvia's, but the pearl of the Baltic States. UNESCO World Heritage Site. Covered Riga is located right in the heart of the country, on the southern coast of the Gulf of Riga, at the mouth of our largest river, the Daugava. With over 700,000 inhabitants, Riga is the largest city in the Baltic States. Originating at the crossroads of trade routes, our metropolis has become a multicultural city where you can always find something exciting. If you crave new impressions or just relax, Riga is a great weekend getaway destination. Each century has left its mark on the faces of Riga. This can be seen in the architecture of Riga's Old Town and downtown, where the cultural heritage is kept in harmony with today's busy life. Riga is also known as the architectural pearl - it features churches built in the early days of the city, medieval old town buildings, unique Art Nouveau buildings, as well as centuries-old architectural specimens and centuries-old wooden architecture.

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