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Ridesharing network

We are beer to beer ridesharing network for taxi cabs and private  cars. This platform can be accessed via website or mobile apps. The network serve both participants, riders and drivers interest providing peer to peer smooth transportation in most economic way


Raub´s mission

We all need transportation for our everyday lives. The RAUB´s innovative technologie allow us to move fast. reliable, economic and safe way in the world cities. We all can take part of ridesharing network as rider, driver or both. RAUB's distribution network optimizes the use of cars for our transport needs, and therefore helps preserve our environment where we live and pass on to the next generation a cleaner world. Our goal is to move towards climate neutrality and we prefer to use cleaner technologies in transport.


Join with Raub ridesharing network

You will have following benefits with making an user account at RAUB:

If You are Driver

1.  You can make an extra income

2. You can choose when you work or just selling out part of your vehicle when you moving around the city. 

If You are Rider

1. You can save money on your transportaion compare with normal taxi.

2. Your trip can be safer as You can share Your trip with Your family or freinds

3. You can see before Your trip starts estimation of trip cost, You will be more confident that you know what you will pay for it. No surprises!


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