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frequently asked questions

You can download app for a android telephone like Samsung, Huawei, HTC, Motorola, Nokia.. from Google Play and for iOS device  telephones like iPhones from App Store. You can find the corresponding icons on your phone screen

First and foremost, you need to download the Raub Partner app for Google Play for Android (Samsung. Huawei, HTC, Motorola, Nokia ..) or the iOS App Store (iPhone). Next, follow the steps in the registration process. Upload your photo directly in view, driving license, vehicle document, and insurance policy. Finally, open the Bank menu on the left and add your payee information and bank account number so that we can make payments to your account. The payee details must match the person on the manager account. If you have registered as a legal entity as a service provider, you must enter the legal entity details and bank account in the payee information.

In order to know the cost of your ride, you need to download the Raub-Rider app and open it, choose  the pickup and drop-off location, then the app will calculate the pre-quote of your ride according to your ride destination. 

Yes, we can help you to rent car from our partner. You need valid driving license and want to work as a Driver.

Our conditions for Drivers are favorable compared with other mostly used ridesharing platforms. Driver can save remarkable amount of money working on our platform. We take our platform commission 5-10% depending on the City, please contact us directly for this question. We make to your account payout once a week.

We accept 3 type of payment; card, cash and Raub wallet. In order to proceed  card payment you need to register in the application your debit or credit card details. Raub wallet need top up before you can make payment, top up can be made by debit or credit card and all promotional credits take place in Raub wallet, which you can use for your rides.

Yes, Raub application allow to left Tip to the Driver. End of your ride the app will ask you how much you want to left a Tip, you just make your choice. 

As Drivers are partners with us and we do not set rules for how much you provide your service through our platform. You can provide as much transport service as you want. How active you are on the platform is entirely up to you.

Yes, Raub application allow you to order car for someone else for example for your friend or family member.

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